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Angelwings Virtual Airline born on 21/8/2011 by the idea of Luca Nicolini and Mauro Boccelli our company is based on friendship and respect for the other people. The professionalism of the airline comes from the Gianni's Angels team and the common passion for the flight. It's a virtual airline that has no profit, pilots can fly with us for free. The airline operates passenger and cargo flights all around the world. It offers in addition, the possibility to increase your knowledge in the world of flight at no cost through the availability of passionate people like you. AngelwingsVA use Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Prepar3D and X-Plane.





Open Live Flight Tracker

Pilot Flight Number Departure Arrival Status Altitude Speed Distance/Time Remain

Last Flights

Flight # Departure Arrival Duration Pilot Aircraft Landing Rate Status
AWC0334 LEBL LOWI 01.34 Francesco Saladino A320-200 -247 Accepted
AWC0180 LKJI LKPO 00.30 Fabio Dajlanaj MOONEY BRAVO -159 Accepted
AWC11111 GMTT LIRZ 02.19 Renzo Stefani B777-200LR -381 Accepted
AWC0179 LKPR LHBP 01.19 Fabio Dajlanaj B350 -204 Accepted
AWC42 LIRS LIRS 00.46 Marco Ullo RENTAL -215 Accepted
AWC11111 SPYL KSAN 06.48 Renzo Stefani B777-200LR -358 Accepted
AWC41 LIME LIME 00.45 Marco Ullo A320-200 -202 Accepted
AWC0333 LICJ EDDF 01.59 Francesco Saladino A320-200 -567 Accepted
AWC0332 EGPO EICK 01.21 Francesco Saladino A320-200 -312 Accepted
AWC0001 EGPO EICK 01.21 Luca Nicolini B737-800 -134 Accepted
AWC11111 KMSY KSAN 03.19 Renzo Stefani B777-200LR -96 Accepted
AWC0178 LIPX LKPR 01.51 Fabio Dajlanaj B350 -141 Accepted
AWX0004 EGPH LIMC 02.11 Salvatore Gallotta B777-200F -119 Accepted
AWC0177 LKMT LIPX 01.49 Fabio Dajlanaj B350 -291 Accepted
AWC1625 SPYL KSAN 06.48 Mauro Boccelli B747-800 -121 Accepted