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************************************************** CONFIGURATION AND INSTALLATION ****************************************************
Download the SIM ACARS from this link: ...

Unpack the zipped folder to a location of your choice and create a shortcut on the desktop of the executable file inside it.
Run the program as an administrator and proceed with the setting.
Start the Acars, access the VIRTUAL AIRLINE SETTING page (from the menu bar at the top), and click
Fill in the fields as follows:

callsign: AWX (later, with the writing AWX, your identification number will be added)

password: the same one you will use to access the site




Weigth unit: KG

Now click OK to confirm the data.

*************************************************** PRE FLIGHT ****************************************************************************

From the Acars menu, go to the FLIGHT PLAN page.
At the bottom left of the VIRTUAL AIRLINE LOGIN section open the drop-down menu, select ANGELWINGS VA and LOGIN.
In this way you will be connected to the site via acars.
There are two types of flights that can be performed with our company: scheduled flights (REGULAR) and charter flights.

************************************************** CHARTER FLIGHTS ***************************************************************************

Charter flights are all flights for which departure and arrival airport are at your discretion.
Charter flights require that, again on the acars FLIGHT PLAN page, you fill in at least the fields: departure airport, arrival airport,
flight number, PAX or CARGO.The other fields are at your discretion.
fill in the PAX field (number of passengers linked to the selected aircraft) for passenger flights.
fill in the CARGO field (load in kg linked to the chosen aircraft), for cargo / freighter flights.
The two fields PAX AND CARGO must NEVER be completed both for the same flight !!!
Once this is done, go to the CONNECTION TO THE SIM section at the bottom right.
Click putting the weight in KG.
Click the NETWORK tab and select which network you are flying on. Select OFFLINE if you are disconnected.
Now, once the fuel has been loaded onto the aircraft, press the START TRACK button and the acars will start recording all data and flight phases.

************************************************** SCHEDULED FLIGHTS **************************************************

Scheduled or regular flights are flights established by the company.
The procedure to perform for scheduled flights is a bit more complex than charter flights.
First of all, both the aircraft and the pilot are expected to be located in the same airport or hub.
Then we temporarily close the acars and log in to our website
You will find yourself on the PROFILE(your pilot profile) page where in the LOCATION heading you will be shown your current location (icao and airport name): keep it in mind.
Now, always from the site, from the top menu bar access to OPERATION -> FLEET and under the heading LOCATION, in the table you can see in which airport each of our fleet aircraft is positioned.
E.g. : supposing now that our pilot is at the "location: KLAX" and the fleet aircraft we choose both at the "location: LIRF", we have to move our driver from KLAX to LIRF, in order to allow him to use that 'aereomobile.
To do this, on the site menu bar, click on PILOT ACTION and CHANGE LOCATION and once inserted LIRF (in our case), we confirm the move with CHANGE.
Also from the PILOT ACTION page we move into BOOK ROUTE and will see only the aircraft that depart from LIRF.
We therefore choose our flight by clicking on the letter "i" on the right.
A new page will open with all the information regarding the flight, it will be sufficient to press the pencil with the check to book the flight.
The same procedure applies to all other planes depending on their location.
Finally, open your acars and,AFTER MAKING THE LOGIN TO THE SITE, the confirmation window of the booked flight will appear automatically and you will of course confirm.
(the fields will be filled in automatically), make sure that the whole PRE FLIGHT procedure is performed, and have a good flight !!!

************************************************** SUBMISSION OF THE PIREP **************************************************

Once landed, roll at the gate, activate the parking brakes and turn off the engines.
Access to the Acars FLIGHT PLAN page and press END FLIGHT (bottom right) to end the flight.
Finally press SEND REPORT (bottom left) to send the pirep.

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