Welcome On Board

How To Start Your Career In Angel Wings Virtual Airline

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Welcome On Board

Postby Luca Nicolini » 27 November 2011, 23:11

Hello ! And welcome on board !

Angelwings is a virtual airline company that operates through all the territory, national and international, with passenger, cargo and touristic flights.
Our hubs are Milan Malpensa, Rome Fiumicino,Anchorage Alaska, Hong Kong,Rio the Janeiro Brazil , Los Angeles California, St. Marteen(Antilles) and Darwin.
Is a professional virtual company entered in a world scoring ranking ( http://www.vacentral.net/ ) that takes into account the difference between active and inactive pilots.
For this reason if you think to be just a sympathizer click here http://www.facebook.com/pages/Angel-Wings-Virtual-Airline/287098797987279 .If Instead you're flying in other virtual company and do not intend to fly for us, please do not register here.
If you intend to continue , in this section you can find everything you need to fly with Angel Wings VA. ;)

How to start:
Please check the AngelwIngs VA company roules here: http://www.angelwingsva.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=6
Please also check our Pilots Rules & Ranks here: http://www.angelwingsva.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=8
For any question you can write in our forum or contact us here: info@angelwingsva.com
when you start your career in our company you haven't any flight hours .
If you have flown in other virtual company and you intend to add flown hours with us, you can specify the company and the amount of hours flown during the registration or contact our staff.

1) - Now you need to register as a pilot of our airline.Register here and wait for the activation : http://www.angelwingsva.com/index.php/registration
Also register at our forum : http://www.angelwingsva.com/forum/

2) - Then you need the ACARS, a program that records your flight data and send the PIREP (PIREP stay for PIlot REPort) to our company:

#AWX SmartCars - Download here: http://www.angelwingsva.com/lib/DOWNLOAD/installer.exe
#PLEASE FOLLOW THE GUIDE TO INSTALL AWX SmartCars! Click on the link below
#AWX SmartCars CONFIGURATION here: http://www.angelwingsva.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=110

Now it's time to fly ! :mrgreen:

3) - Login here http://www.angelwingsva.com/index.php/login
If you are not redirect automatically, go to the Pilot Center here http://www.angelwingsva.com/index.php/profile
Click View Flight Schedules http://www.angelwingsva.com/index.php/schedules/view
Choose a flight and click ADD TO BID on the right side. N.B. Clicking ADD TO BID, the flight schedules have you choose is not visible or selectable by the other pilots.

4) - Start Flight Simulator, only after run the ACARS program. You are now a pilot in career for AngelwIngs VA !


Ensure to fly the flight schedules with the corresponding type of aircraft.

About the landing rate: The value for a good landing rate is about -100 / -300.
The value -500 is close to hard landing.
-600 and more, the aircraft can report a structural damage.
Maximum landing rate value accepted in our company is -750.Please if possible don't exceed this value,thank you.
You can see this in the AWX SmartCars flight's log.
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